Joint Stock Company "MINSK BEARING PLANT"

Bearings for special purposes

MINSK BEARING PLANT - is one of the largest enterprises of the bearing industry. The company was founded in 1948. We are exporting our products to France, Poland, Lithuania, Vietnam, India, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, UAE & MPZ brand is well known in more than 50 countries in the world.

MINSK BEARING PLANT produces different types of bearings: spherical roller bearings, ball bearings, trust bearings, needle bearings and etc. A separate production group is represented by special bearings applied in aircrafts, helicopters missiles and etc. These bearings are characterized by increased operation safety and reliability as well as by low internal friction in the bearing. Production of these bearings is separated from other series production and is governed by special technical, production and inspection regulations.

Increased operating safety of bearings or a low friction moment is achieved by appropriate selection of material which is treated in metallurgical works to higher quality, by extent of its inspections, introduction of special checking operations into the production process, determination of higher technical parameters than those determined by tolerance class of the bearing, by modification of the bearing internal design and the design of the bearing arrangement.

Please find below the list of bearings which JSC "MPZ" produce in accordance with the special technical conditions (ETy 100, ETy 500, ETy 3739) for Russian helicopters Mi-series, aircrafts and space on regular bases: